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Audit & Accountancy

Business Turnaround

Are you looking to stabilise, make amends and change your business for the better? A business turnaround will allow for your business to recover from difficulties and setbacks, giving it the opportunity to grow and improve.

At Edwards Accountants, we can support your business with services to aid with turnaround, as well as provide pragmatic, proactive advice and support.

What is a business turnaround?

In short, a successful business turnaround is the financial recovery of a company that was previously performing poorly. Turnarounds are important to allow for a period of improvement and stability, and are also incredibly necessary in order to save a business from collapsing.

In order for a business turnaround to be successful, the business will need to acknowledge the problems within the company. This will present an opportunity to identify setbacks, develop a strategy and implement a solution to secure a better future for the business.

Who could benefit from a business turnaround?

Business problems can arise at any point, but don’t necessarily mean you need to implement a business turnaround. However, there are several indicators you can watch out for. Your business could benefit from seeking help with a turnaround if you’re experiencing the following:

  • Struggling to make payroll and venders bills
  • Contractors are asking about late bills or threatening to stop business
  • Never having cash available
  • Trouble with management
  • Marketing and Sales problems

What are the benefits of a business turnaround?

Choosing to implement a business turnaround is the first step in the improvement and reestablishment of your company.

As you begin restructuring your business, you’ll have the opportunity to see more stability, which can then lead to further growth and development over time. As part of a successful turnaround, you will be able to retain your contractors and/or suppliers, amend issues with your payroll and be able to effectively work through day-to-day activities.

How can we help?

We’ve offered turnaround support to numerous clients through recessions and helped them grow again. Our business links with like-minded professionals allows us to provide personalised support to your business, no matter the difficulties you’re facing. We can also provide a range of additional services to assist with your business turnaround, including audit and accountancy, corporate finance, corporate restructuring and small business support. We use our connections to organise the assistance your business needs and help your team get back on track.

Our business turnaround services encompass the following:

  • Business reviews
  • Management reports
  • Cashflow management
  • Raising finance
  • Providing links and support with licensed insolvency practitioners to obtain specialist and trusted advice if required

To find out more about business turnaround support, contact our expert team today.


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