Specialist Services for Tech Companies

At Edwards Accountants, we can support tech companies of varying sizes with specialist services. This ranges from guidance with research and development tax credits, helping businesses to apply for the patent box scheme, guidance on the Seed Investment Enterprise scheme (SEIS) and much more.

Our full range of services for tech companies includes the following:


What are the benefits of outsourcing tax and accountancy services for my tech business?

Many businesses that operate within the field of technology could be eligible for tax relief. By contacting experienced tax advisors, your business may be able to claim tax relief, which will allow you to spend more on developing your business for the future. You may also be able to get expert advice on your business plans, as well as explore options to raise capital for your business.

Not only this, but by outsourcing your tax and accountancy services, you can help ensure that you are compliant with current legislation. This can boost investors confidence in your business, helping to propel it to future success.


How can Edwards Accountants help?

As experienced tax advisors based in the Midlands, we are experts in R&D tax credits.  Many of our clients, ranging from small spinouts from universities to subsidiaries of large international groups, have received large tax refunds. We have always charged a reasonable fixed fee rather than a percentage cut, ensuring our clients get more value for their money.

We are routinely recommended by venture capitalists as well as business angel networks who have worked with us for many years. Not only do we work closely with your business to establish lasting relationships, but we work as efficiently as possible to keep fees to a minimum.

To find out how we can assist your tech business with tax and accountancy services, please contact us.

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