Cloud & Outsourced Accounting Services

Cloud based accounting services are based in an online shared location, also known as the “cloud”. This is an alternative to more traditional forms of accounting software, which may be stored on your computers’ hard drive. Cloud accounting software is hosted on a remote server, allowing your business to seamlessly share information across your team instead of installing software across multiple devices.

Outsourcing your accounting services allows you to leave your everyday accounting processes to an experienced team of chartered accountants. For example, this can encompass payroll, invoice processing and more, all without the need for an internal team to complete each task.

Our cloud & outsourced accounting services encompass the following:


How can cloud & outsourced accounting services help my business?

There is a growing range of innovative, cloud-based technologies that can help to provide a cost-effective solution for your accounting and business information needs. With the cloud, information is provided in real time and can be collected through data feeds to ensure accuracy. For example, your profit and cash flow forecasts can be constantly updated, giving you full transparency and improved accuracy.

Cloud-based accounting services allow you to outsource accounting functions more easily, as you can access your business’s information easily and efficiently. Outsourcing accounting service also help to save time for your business, as your regular accountancy services can be looked after by an experienced team.


How can Edwards Accountants help?

At Edwards Accountants, we can provide bespoke outsourced accounting solutions to help you save time and money. Not only this, but we combine our outsourced services with the cloud, allowing you to retain full visibility of your data in real time.

Plus, we offer a comprehensive training programme to help you and your employees get the most out of our systems and to use them most efficiently.

Our chartered accountants regularly keep pace with the latest technologies and are experienced in configuring the most appropriate systems to suit you, from bookkeeping, accounting, financial control, business advice or more.

The functionality and efficiency of our invoice processing software also helps us keep our fees low, and our processes give you easy access to all your documentation. This helps make the completion of year end accounts much easier.

If your business is eligible for a grant, we can even provide assistance when putting together grant expenditure claims to your grant provider.

As chartered accountants based in the West Midlands, we are well positioned to support you with your managed accounting services. To find out more about how Edwards Accountants can help you, contact a member of our team today.


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