Research and Development

We offer high level support to technology companies.  This first arose in 2002 when the research and development tax credit regime started and has continued with the advent of the newer patent box scheme. We are experts in obtaining large tax refunds for our many clients which can be small spin outs from Universities or subsidiaries of large international groups. We have always charged a reasonable fee rather than a percentage cut which is common place amongst our competitors and ensures our clients get more value for their money.

Many of our clients wish to raise funds to continue their R&D efforts under the Seed Investment Enterprise scheme (SEIS) or the enterprise Investment scheme (EIS). This is an area where we are very familiar helping our client companies to ensure they are compliant so that their investors have the confidence to invest.

Other clients are keen to ensure their expert staff members are motivated and wish to reward them with share options. We can help by ensuring this is done in a tax favourable way.

Additionally, others require an accountant’s letter so that their final grant claim is paid. We do this as efficiently as possible so that fees are kept to a minimum.

We believe that Edwards is the perfect choice for any company undertaking research and development which is borne out by the fact that we are routinely recommended by venture capitalists as well as business angel networks.