Workplace pension re-enrolment – how does it work?

14th May 2021
Almost all workers should now be enrolled into a workplace pension under the Automatic Enrolment scheme. But as the employer, your legal duties do not end there. Once every three years, workers who have opted out of a workplace pension or did not previously meet the earnings threshold should be ‘re-enrolled’ into the workplace scheme – known as re-enrolment and re-declaration. If you’re undertaking re-enrolment for the first time, here’s everything you need to know. When does re-enrolment start? Employers must carry out the re-enrolment and re-declaration process three years after their staging date, and once every three years thereafter. Alternatively, employers can choose a re-enrolment date providing it falls within a six-month timeframe. Use this re-enrolment tool to see your available dates. What does re-enrolment involve? During this process, employers must re-enrol staff who left their pension, or reduced their contributions, back into your workplace pension scheme and complete a re-declaration of compliance. How long do I have to complete re-enrolment? The declaration of compliance must be completed within five calendar months of the third anniversary of your staging date. Do I have to tell staff about re-enrolment? Yes, you must write to eligible staff individually, within six weeks of their re-enrolment date, to tell them how re-enrolment applies to them. Get expert advice today For help and advice with related matters, please get in touch with our expert automatic enrolment and payroll team today.