How Working with Bold IT is Enhancing Edwards’ Client Support

17th July 2023

The content in this blog has been written by Managed IT support specialists Bold IT. They have been working alongside our team of chartered accountants in Walsall to enhance our IT processes. This support will enable us to continue to provide our clients with the high-quality tax services, asset protection and wealth management services they have become accustomed to from our team of specialists.

The modern digital landscape is constantly evolving, and as a result, businesses across a wide range of industries are becoming reliant on technology to drive their business operations forward. The world of accountancy is no different, from being able to utilise the best software to streamlining business processes and protecting client data, technology has become indispensable.

At Bold IT we aim to maximise the potential of businesses like Edwards Accountants, enabling them to provide a more efficient service to their clients.


Developing Edwards’ IT Systems

Our focus was to develop Edwards’ IT systems to bring them up to the level they were currently at as an organisation. Since the pandemic, Edwards has undergone a sustained period of growth that has seen the team increase from around 30 staff to 50.

This growth means their IT systems needed to progress alongside changes in the way their team worked following the move towards remote and hybrid environments. Edwards needed us to enhance their existing remote network that allowed their team to meet all their clients’ requirements in the same seamless way they would from the office with all the latest software, security, and data systems in place.

As Edwards is a company that encourages remote and hybrid working, this was very important to them.


Improving the Knowledge of the Edwards Team

One of our priorities when working with an organisation is improving their teams’ knowledge, especially in important areas such as cybersecurity.

In the accountancy industry, the security of clients’ personal and financial data is always the highest priority. Clients need to trust that the company looking after their personal and financial data has all the necessary systems, processes, and knowledge within the team.

Around 95% of cyber security breaches can be traced back to human error, so as well as ensuring the security systems you have in place are up to scratch, it’s vital to go to the source and identify any vulnerabilities in the knowledge of the team so that you can put training and other learning in place to increase that knowledge.

We have worked with the Edwards team on this, building on their existing knowledge of cybersecurity to educate them further, not only on how to identify a potential cyber threat but also look at what they can do to reduce the risk further and limit the likelihood of a data breach.

Technological enhancements mean new cyber threats and vulnerabilities to businesses are continually emerging and we will continue to support Edwards with this so that they can continue to leave their clients happy in the knowledge that their data is secure.

As a result, Edwards’ clients can be confident that their data is in safe hands.


What This Partnership Means for Edwards in the Future

Through our partnership with the accounting and tax consultancy, Edwards have been able to strengthen their position within their industry, ready to adapt to changes in client requirements and continue to move alongside the latest technological and industry developments.

AI technology is a huge talking point currently, especially in the accountancy industry and we’re committed to helping Edwards embrace this technology and the opportunities that come with it, especially any that free up their time to focus on advising their clients.

We will work closely with the accountants to recommend, implement, and educate the team should a suitable opportunity arise.

Perhaps most importantly, this means Edwards can continue to cement the trust their clients have in them and focus on providing the exceptional accountancy services their clients require.


Managed IT Support from Bold IT

As well as accounting companies in Birmingham Bold IT work with organisations of all shapes, sizes, and industries.

Whether you’re looking to adopt new cybersecurity measures, or you require cloud consultancy, Bold IT’s expert technicians are on hand to provide support.

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