Trusts, Trustees and Estate Planning

Inheritance Tax has become a growing issue in recent years, particularly as increased house prices push more estates into the tax regime. Combined with the effective freezing of Inheritance Tax allowances this has brought more people than ever before into the realm of Inheritance Tax.

Our dedicated team of qualified trust and estate planning professionals, including members of the Society for Trust & Estate Practitioners (STEP) are on hand to guide you.

Estate Planning

Anyone wishing to pass the maximum amount of wealth on to their beneficiaries and the next generation needs to consider how their estate is arranged in order to obtain the available reliefs.

Our team can help you to identify potential Inheritance Tax liabilities and reliefs in order to offer advice and solutions that help you to minimise or eliminate the payment of tax when you die through effective structuring of your affairs, be that tax advice in relation to your Wills, lifetime giving or even the creation of Trusts.


Trusts can be an integral part of a family’s overall tax and estate planning strategy. We advise on all aspects of setting up, administering and, where necessary, the winding up of Trusts. Although there have been many recent tax changes, Trusts still offer families an incredibly useful means of passing wealth down the generations whilst providing protection from marital breakdown, family disputes, bankruptcy and “wayward” beneficiaries.

We can assess how and if a Trust is best suited to your circumstances and help you establish the right kind of Trust to meet your and your family’s needs. We can also assist with specialist offshore matters and issues related to residency. Our wider Trust and Estate Planning services include:

  • Advising on best practice for Trustees and, in conjunction with investment professionals to determine the Trustees’ investment policies
  • Advising on Trust deeds, resolutions and the tax efficiency of Wills
  • Advising Trustees, settlors and beneficiaries of the benefits, liabilities and required compliance of both UK and offshore Trusts and their underlying assets
  • Completing of Annual Trust Accounts, Trust Tax Returns, beneficiaries tax certificates and general Trust compliance for UK and non-UK resident Trusts
  • Detailed advice on availability of Inheritance Tax reliefs, in particular business property relief and reviews of underlying companies to advise on availability of relief
  • Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax advice.

Professional Trustee Services

We know that being a Trustee can be time-consuming and complex so we also offer a Professional Trustee Service. By using this service, you can:

  • Reduce the burden on new or existing Trustees.
  • Decrease the risk of conflict.
  • Assist with regulatory requirements of managing a Trust.
  • Benefit from the expertise of our tax experts when managing the financial affairs of the Trust.

To find out how we can assist you with your Trust and estate planning matters, please contact us.