Corporate Restructuring

When looking to restructure a business it is important to consider the potential tax implications that may arise. This is true for anything from a simple insertion of a holding company right up to restructures of large groups of companies.

Businesses and stakeholders need to understand the tax treatment of their decisions and factor this into their strategies to ensure the company is not adversely affected in future.

Involving a tax adviser in a transaction or restructuring at an early stage is essential to ensuring it is handled in the most efficient manner.

We can offer practical and pragmatic advice that considers the aims and objectives of your restructuring. Failing to seek proper advice could expose your business to unnecessary risks.

During your restructuring we can assist you with a wide range of services including:

  • Tax implications of a management buyout
  • Tax considerations for financing
  • Time-to-pay negotiations with HMRC
  • Solvent wind-ups and exit strategies
  • VAT implications
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax from property acquisition.

If you are considering a business restructuring and would like advice on tax planning, please contact our team for advice.

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