Receipt Bank – no more data entry!

1st February 2015

Receipt Bank is an award-winning software add-on that converts all your bills, invoices and receipts into data, making it easy for you send your financial information straight to us.  Receipt Bank will extract the data and create your expense reports or publish the data straight to your accounting software.



Easy Submission Methods

There’s a whole of range of ways to submit and you can choose whichever methods suit your business best:

The Receipt Bank App (for iPhone & Android)






…and many more


Using Receipt Bank’s easy submission methods means that:

  • You save time on sending in your paperwork, giving you time back to build your business.
  • You save space as there’s no need to store your physical documents.
  • You get all your financial data quickly and we are able to offer business advice based on a near real time flow of financial data.

To get rid of paper in your office, get in touch with Adrian Stevens and we can get you set up with your very own Receipt Bank account.