Salary sacrifice and Auto Enrolment

27th July 2016

Have you thought about delivering tax savings for the employer and the employee with a salary sacrifice scheme? Salary sacrifice takes place when an employee gives up the right to part of their remuneration in return for the employer providing the employee with some form on non-cash benefit.As announced in the 2016 Budget, the government is […]

Brexit and tax

27th June 2016

The EU referendum result will, of course, have significant long term economic consequences for the UK and many areas of law will need to be adapted to the new era. What are the possible tax consequences of the UK ceasing to be a member of the EU?The main point to note is that many areas […]

Cyber security for business

4th June 2016

Businesses have a one in four chance in a 12 month period of being affected by an information technology security breach according to a government survey.The survey found that many of the breaches are a consequence of the internet. The most common breaches are viruses, spyware or malware (68%), and breaches involving impersonation of the […]

Summer Budget 2015

Summer Budget 2015

23rd July 2015

George Osborne presented the first Budget of this Parliament on Wednesday 8 July 2015.  The speech set out […]

Budget Booklet 2015

23rd March 2015

George Osborne presented the final Budget of this Parliament on Wednesday 18 March 2015 and in his speech […]