We can deliver comprehensive management reporting  to business owners needing better insight or to management team and board level.  We'll report your financial performance, position, cash and write up an executive summary to discuss highlights and recommendations with you.  

Businesses need to set and measure KPIs and non-financials if they want to succeed. Spotlight Reporting has a range of KPIs and non-financial metrics in-built with the ability to customise KPIs that are most relevant to your organisation. Create focus and debate with clever KPIs



Edwards as advisors

As progressive accountants, Spotlight provide us with the tools we need to ensure that we have valuable conversations with our clients and to grow trusted advisory relationships


Your franchise deserves great reporting. Get a clear picture of the franchise group and also the performance of franchisees across financial and non-financial data.

Business Owners

We'll use Spotlight Reporting for businesses of all shapes and sizes to gain clarity and make well-informed decisions. We'll help you grow your business with confidence.

Not for Profit

Sound governance and management of funds is critical for not-for-profit organisations. Spotlight Reporting apps are accessible, visible and easily understood - perfect!